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Veterans Affair (VA)

We are honored to serve men and women who once risked their lives to fight for our freedom and preserve our country’s safety.

portrait of a smiling caregiver and veteran in a wheelchairIt has always been one of our goals at America Health Care Capital to give honor to our veterans. They have, at one point in their lives, risked their own safety and survival to preserve the freedom that our country continues to enjoy today.

The least we can do is to provide veterans with the support and assistance when they require long-term care in their retirement or as they cope with disabilities or health issues that resulted from their military service in the past. To the best of our capability, we will provide assistance in the processing of VA (Veterans Affairs) pension benefits and state benefits for eligible veterans or their surviving dependents.

If your loved one has served in the Armed Forces of the United States in the past, he or she may qualify for VA benefits. Please consult with our staff to determine their eligibility. You can reach us at 972-904-9926 for further inquiries.